About Us
We are making insurance purchase and research process SIMPLE, FAST and TRANSPARENT


We believe all of us looking for a way to find and compare Insurance plan so that we able to purchase the right plan with the best deals. GoInsurance.com.my is one of the most comprehensive insurance comparison website in Malaysia. We are committed in finding the right plan at the best price and helping you to save your time and money. Our main focus is to help you to discover the features and benefits offered by the Insurance Company. Our aim is to help our client make better decisions when buying insurance.


With more than 20 years of experience in Insurance, we know Insurance more than anybody do. In order to ensure our client able to purchase the right plan without hassle, we have make our website interactive and easy to use. We carefully sort out all the plans and include different features such as Benefit Comparison, Advance Filtering, we believe our clients able to get and look for specific plan in just a few clicks away.


We have summarize the whole thing into 4 Simple Steps, which is Search, Compare, Filter and Buy. You may enter the minimum information to search for the insurance plan. When the insurance plan listing page show, you able to compare the price with just a glance. If you need to be more specific, you can compare up to 4 plans with our Benefits Comparison page. Our Filter, enable you to decide which specific features you are looking at. Once done, why wait, there's the time you proceed in purchase the Insurance Plan with few clicks away.